“I usually try not to Reply All, but this time I thought I had
something that might really matter.

Sending Smiles is truly a heartwarming way to touch the lives of
children; I know from experience.

If I may share. When my son, Noah, first became a patient at
Childrens, almost 2 years ago, our stay there was for nearly 2 months.
I will not go into details, but I will tell you that each child has
his/her “mailbox” beside their door. During our time there, Noah
received many letters, cards, and supportive messages from family and
friends. I would like to hope, but I’m not certain, that all children
are as fortunate. The words of support meant the world, and checking
Noah’s mailbox soon became a daily highlight—as simple as it may

What I didn’t mention is that during the first couple weeks, we did
not even know an exact address for Noah’s room at Children’s— however,
we did begin receiving mail almost daily…
From donations made through Sending Smiles.

The post cards kept arriving amongst Noah’s other mail, but I am
certain that for some children and families there, these heartfelt,
colorful, sometimes silly, thoughtful messages gave so many children
and their families something to look forward to and to brighten their

Every single child receives mail.

With all of this said, if you have a moment during these busy days,
please encourage your kiddos to take part in donating a smile.

I know it may sometimes feel like we perhaps don’t know where our
donations really go, but these postcards will truly put a smile on
sick child’s face. “